Mi 9 Smartphones With Great Features


MI9, the British Directorate of Military Intelligence (SMAD), was an extremely secretive agency of the War Office during World War II. The head of the SMAD, Sir Bernard Montgomery was based in London. It is widely believed that MI9 was formed specifically as a response to the threat posed by the German “Bhetto” in 1940. The members of this secretive organization were keenly interested in military intelligence and working for the government rather Mi 9 than for the military.

With the introduction of the Mios Series, many new products have been released by the manufacturer. One of these is the Mi 9. This high-end device is one of the most popular devices manufactured by the company. The primary feature of this device is the in-display fingerprint scanner. The biometric system used in this device uses Secure Digital Analog (SDIO) or a near field communications (NFC) technology.

Most Mi 9’s available on sale today have the in-screen fingerprint scanner. The Mi 9 can also support facial recognition as well as voice recognition. This enables the user to use several smartphone applications such as Google Maps, Google Buzz, Weblogs, Amazon Kindle, eBay and many others without unlocking the phone. The Mi 9 also supports applications such as Face unlock, which is a multi-use unlock code for various secured devices such as the Mi Notebook Pro, capacitive screenlock, proximity sensor and the capacitive lock unlock code for the HTC Evo Shift.

Apart from the facial recognition, the Mi 9 has a wide array of features and applications. Apart from the standard camera, this smartphone also has a 5.5-inch, capacitive, dual-mode, self-cleaning display lens. This is also one of the first smartphones to have OIS technology. The Mi 9 has an in-display fingerprint sensor with support for capacitive, monochromatic and RGB light modes. It also offers double-tap and single-tap photo capturing options. The front and rear cameras of this handset are equipped with true color conversion technologies.

One of the most innovative features of the Mi 9 is the presence of a true Quad HD (2.5-inch) LED-based digicam camera. Along with the dual-mode camera, it also offers interchangeable lenses. An impressive feature of the Mi 9 is that it has a true high-end digital camera that boasts of two cameras in one! The in-display fingerprint sensor on the Mi 9 offers enhanced accuracy and speed in performing fingerprint operations.

Apart from the front, rear and touch image capture cameras, the Mi 9 has four different models. There is the regular, pro, hybrid and the mini models of this smartphone. While the mini has just a 1.5-inch display, the pro and hybrid has a 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch screens respectively. The hybrid model offers a traditional design with an ultra-wide angle camera along with an ultra-low-light recording ability and low-light camera too.

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