What is the Role of SEO in Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (ORM) is the process of monitoring and managing information that’s published online. A person’s online reputation depends on the way people perceive them, which can be especially critical for companies considering hiring decisions or customer support issues.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the practice of helping websites rank higher in search results. Sites that rank higher are more likely to receive traffic, so if a company has negative reviews, they want to push those results lower on the list. Combine these two areas of expertise and you have ORM—the goal is to help clients control the information about them online which is the expertise of most reputable digital marketing companies such as SEO New York City.

  1. Ease Future Reference

One of the first ways search engine optimization can help protect your online reputation is by making it easier for people who need information about you in the future to find it without having to go through several sources or locations. If potential employers or customers can easily see positive reviews on social media accounts, then it’s less likely that they’ll take time out of their day to look for other sources where they might find negative information instead. Having easy-to-find information also ensures that your positive content will show up in search engines before other people’s negative content.

  1. Clean Up Negative Reviews

Another way SEO can help protect online reputation is by making it easier for websites to remove negative reviews like what New York SEO Company is doing. If there are dozens of bad reviews about a specific business, then the only way to make sure they’re hidden from search engines is with proper optimization. The cleaner you can make your profile online, the more likely potential employers or customers will connect with a positive experience instead of a negative one when they do research about you or your company; that is why it is crucial to find the best online reputation repair for your business.

  1. Improve Site Traffic

In order for companies to find success with their online reputation management campaigns, they need traffic on their profiles and websites. While it doesn’t necessarily affect your online reputation, having more traffic on your website can help improve its page rank with search engines. The more page views you get each day, the higher Google will place you in their rankings so that people can find you online whether they’re looking for information about you or not.

  1. Increase Brand Loyalty

When companies are able to show their best foot forward both online and offline, then they’ll likely see an increase in consumer confidence and brand loyalty. When potential employers or customers feel comfortable with a business’s customer service practices or hiring decisions, then they’re less likely to leave negative reviews or spread bad word of mouth about them later on down the line.


  1. Improve Your Credibility

According to NYC Seo, search engine optimization can make it easier for potential employers or customers to find positive content that speaks more about your skills and professional experience than negative reviews. If you’ve worked on large projects in the past with companies that are socially active, then they’re likely to be willing to speak positively about you online. And because their recommendation is coming from a third-party source instead of just another company altogether, it will carry more weight than if they’d written it themselves.

You might only have one chance to make a good first impression when someone new finds your information online. Don’t let bad reviews ruin your chances of success—let yourself shine with proper search engine optimization so you can focus on growing your business instead of wasting time trying to convince people you deserve a second chance.


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